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August 02, 2011


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Kevin Porter

I wonder how they're going to track that though? Random testing? Every 12 hours?


I am curious as to why the government, don't put a ban on drink driving altogether. I mean lets face it if the law was 0 and the amount we were aloud to drink alcohol wise was 0, then we would know exactly where we stood on the issue.


Drink driving is a big hate of mine, there are so many people who still do it, and not only that they come from all different walks of society and do it any time of the day or night. The problem is, even if they are caught and banned, that many of them still proceed to do this.


Thanks for the article. I agree with the decision, but it would be difficult to follow up with. If I'm not mistaken, it can be very difficult to detect the use of alcohol unless caught in the act.


ETG alcohol tests can detect alcohol consumption up to 96 hours after drinking.

DUI Attorney

Interesting law but one I am happy is in place in Oregon. If people are driving drunk then there is a serious problem. I would love to hear about laws like this in other states. Anyone know of any?

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