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May 09, 2011


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Amparo Curtis

Well this is another controversy for Ford. You might remember the Ford-Firestone controversy that lead to numerous wrongful death lawsuits against the parties involved. It's good that Ford has taken action and did a recall before any one could be injured or killed because of these faulty tanks. This kind of problem must not be ignored, as it presents a potential safety hazard.

Carl Patten

Good thing they recalled the F-150s, otherwise more accidents could happen due to gas tank explosion. As long as they do the repairs for free, that's ok. I hope this would be the last time. Otherwise, I'd change my car into a Toyota or Nissan.

German Santana

If the straps are not holding the tank in place. Like it did on my friends truck, both should be replaced at no expense. Talking about a 199 Ford F150. I own a truck myself.


i just replaced my tank and straps because of rust, i sure hope they do something about it, a reimbursement would be greatly appreciated!

Kevin Bolduc

I have a 1997 f 150 recalled for gas tank straps that are broke took to imlay city ford on 10/14/2011 and guess what nothing repaired. This is why Ill never buy or recomend a FORD they are JUNK. I hope my tank falls off so I can sue FORD MOTOR COMPANY.

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